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CAE Application Process

The CAE application and information formerly housed on this website has been moved. The new website can be found at

National CAE Website

The information available on this website will be maintained for historical purposes only. Please see information below about submitting an applicant checklist and resources available in completing an application for the CAE program.

NCAE Designated Institutions

The full list of National CAE Designated Institutions can be found at

National CAE Institution Map

Designation dates for all schools have been extended due to program changes. All institutions found on the list are current in their designation. Any questions about current school designation may be directed to: caepmo@nsa.gov

New CAE Workshops

To learn about the updated CAE application process, the CAE National Resource Center (CNRC) Candidates Program at Whatcom Community College has held several workshops in the past few months. Recordings of the workshops and additional resources can be found at


All new workshop dates and information will be posted to the CAE Community events page listed below.

CAE Community Events

Updated CAE Application Checklist

Starting March 1, 2020 all institutions will be required to fill out the updated

CAE Application Checklist

The Application Checklist will guide the applicant through the new program requirements and provide a self-assessment of readiness. Once the results have been reviewed, your institution will be referred to Program Development or Application Assistance.

NCAE Naming Convention

National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C)

      - National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (NCAE-CD)

               * Associate, Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral

      - National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Research (NCAE-R)

      - National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (NCAE-CO)

Have Questions? Contact Us!

For CAE questions, please email caepmo@nsa.gov